Breakfast with Bevan: Taylor Swift talks about her style icons and biggest fashion regret

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When I first started drinking — when I was like 21 — I used to cry about Joni Mitchell all the time after a few glasses of wine. All my friends would know, once I started crying about Joni Mitchell, it was time for me to go to bed.

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if anyone ever asks you again why do you like taylorswift that much just show them this.

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if you love food follow my blog!


if you love food follow my blog!

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Our journey is not measured in how many miles we’ve traveled, it’s measured in how much we’ve changed.

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Preparing to head back to your bedroom from the kitchen like:


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Someone tell me what the big fucking hype is about this blog gnarly?

idk i heard his blog sucks and hes a nerd lmao

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